Sending the Kid to College? 5 University Health Insurance Choices

university-health-insuranceIf you have a college-age kid you have probably already considered the costs of university health insurance, as well as your options. Being admitted to college is a dream come true for both graduates and their families, regardless of the costs the parents need to manage very well in order to support their child to finish his or her university years. And because the Affordable Care Act strongly affected the health insurance legislation and people’s lives altogether, knowing what universities offer their in-house health plans for future students may be quite useful if you have a youngster in the house planning to go to college and change the world.

1. University of Southern California

The USC Student Health Insurance fully complied with the Affordable Care Act regulations and offers its students a lot of health care benefits, from preventative screenings (such as an annual Pap smear and STD screenings) to immunizations and primary care. The full 2013 – 2014 Health Insurance Plan is fully detailed on the university’s website and you will find out there everything you need to know about emergency care, hospitalization if necessary, and mental health interventions and so on.

2. Penn State University

Besides its national – recognized and appraised academic plans and results, Penn State also offer its future students different types of health insurance to fit their profile and needs. Just like USC and other universities, Penn State also offers the health care plans through Aetna Student Health Insurance. Penn State focuses on four major health insurance plans: The Graduate Assistant & Graduate Fellow Insurance addresses Graduate Assistant and Graduate Fellows, the Penn State Student Health Insurance Plan which addresses both undergraduate and graduate students under certain eligibility conditions, the Hershey Medical Students Insurance – designed for the students following the Penn State College of Medicine and The Penn State Education Abroad Insurance Plan. If you take a look over their web-site, you will find all the information needed in a self-explanatory brochure and they encourage visitors to ask questions and details.

3. MIT

Just as it boasts about its ability to transform students into geniuses, MIT also assures families and future students that their health insurance program consists in high quality professional medical services provided by the best physicians and the top hospitals in the Boston area. MIT offers two large health care programs for their students, the MIT Student Medical Plan and the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan. The former offers the students primary screenings and care, access to medical specialties, mental health care and medical treatments. The latter, in its extended form, adds to the first type of plan a lot more benefits: hospitalization, mental health and substance abuse medical care and treatment, surgical procedures and prescription medication. All the benefits and the state regulations are very well explained on their web-site.

4. Columbia University

The Columbia Plan also rallied with the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act policies. For the academic year 2013 – 2014, Columbia University provides their students with medical and mental health care plans, including dental discounts, chiropractic interventions and travel abroad health care opportunities. Columbia offers its web sites visitors a comprehensive interactive brochure which can be downloaded for free directly from the web – site. You should know that there are two health insurance plans, a Basic Level one and a Comprehensive Plan.

5. Boston University

Just like the other universities’ case, BU’s Student Medical Insurance Plan is regulated by Aetna Student Health. They also offer two types of health insurance for their students, Student Basic and Student Plus. The university allows the students to check their own personalized health insurance plans online and to upgrade from Basic to Plus, at least for this academic year.

These are not, of course, the only US universities providing their students with health insurance plans. As parents, you should carefully read the informative brochures offered by all the academic institutions, compare coverage and make sure that your kid will be safe and sound, no matter what college he or she chooses.

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