United Healthcare Reviews Of 2018: Coverage And Pros & Cons

United healthcare reviews

Health insurance is not optional these days: it's a crucial part of life in modern America. Yet health insurance can be very expensive; so much so that it can be tempting to think of skipping it, especially if you're young and healthy. But skipping out on health insurance is never a good idea. We understand the dilemma and how important it is to get good, affordable health insurance. That's why we've looked at lots of United Healthcare reviews.

United Healthcare Reviews

We've taken a look at what real people say in their United Healthcare reviews, as well as what they think about several other major insurance companies. We've read the good and the bad, so read on for real information on what this company offers and how they compare.

What Is United Healthcare?

United Healthcare is an insurance company offering health insurance that satisfies the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. The company offers wellness coverage for individuals and families as well as for groups of employees. They also offer short-term health insurance plans.

Product Specs

A look at United Healthcare reviews shows that they indeed have coverage suitable for a wide variety of people and conditions. They offer four types of plans that cover medical service, laboratory work, hospitalizations, and prescriptions, and these plans are customizable in ways that consumers will find useful.

The company will cover ambulatory services, maternity care, trips to the emergency room, preventative medical visits and the management of chronic conditions, pediatric services, rehabilitation, and mental health treatment.  It is even possible to get help with substance abuse disorders.

In addition, the company offers optional extras for those who wish to pay for more coverage. These optional extras include vision insurance, international travel insurance, dental insurance, and insurance to cover disability income needs or critical illnesses.


United Healthcare reviews look at four different plan types: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. All offer similar coverage, but the bronze level plan offers the most affordable monthly payments while the platinum has the highest. At the same time, the bronze plan covers only 60% of medical expenses, while the platinum plan covers 90%.

Plan prices will also depend on how many people need coverage and which state you live in.  Check out United Healthcare's own site to get more specific information.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar insurance programs and compared them as we considered United Healthcare reviews. We took at look at the types of plans that are offered by each, what coverage you can expect, how each one rates for customer service, and a quick run-down of pros and cons. In addition to United

Healthcare reviews, we also look at:

Blue Cross Blueshield Humana Aetna

Premiums $300-$750

The lowest price in the range given above is a general estimate on the cheapest plan for the average 35-year-old person. The highest price is a general estimate on the highest-rated plan for the average 55-year-old person.


United Healthcare has four different plans available that provide an average selection compared to other insurance providers. Looking carefully through United Healthcare reviews shows that the range of plans for younger people is less good than what is offered by the average insurance company.


In theory, United Healthcare covers a wide range of conditions, including everything mandated by the Affordable Care Act and beyond. They also offer some great extra coverage for an additional fee and access to 24-hour medical advice. United Healthcare is easy to access online and works with a wide variety of healthcare providers and pharmacies.

Customer Service

United Healthcare reviews show widespread dissatisfaction with customer service. Although many people find the website easy to navigate and the mobile app simple to use, any issue that requires communicating directly with the company can be frustrating.


  • Simple, clear online presence
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Wide coverage
  • Works with many providers


  • Very expensive
  • Poor customer service

Blue Cross BlueShield

Blue Cross Blue Shield provides coverage nationwide, but the company is actually made up of 37 independently operated institutions. This means they can provide good coverage with an understanding of the local situation. It also means that coverage will vary depending on which of the 37 companies you are working with.

Premiums       $200-$800

Blue Cross BlueShield falls into the medium price range. Their cheapest plans offer real savings, while their more expensive plans offer more coverage and peace of mind. The lowest price in the range given above covers the cheapest plan for the average 35-year-old person. The highest price represents average coverage with the highest-rated plan for the average 55-year-old single person.


Blue Cross BlueShield offers more options and plans than almost any other national health insurance provider. There are plans eligible for subsidy and also standard plans. The company's website makes it easy to compare plans and understand your options, and all members are eligible for certain enhancements, like discounts for fitness monitors, diet program enrollments, or memberships to health clubs.


This company has mixed reviews when it comes to customer service. In part, this is due to the fact that there are 37 different companies working together within the Blue Cross BlueShield network, and each one is independently operated. There are many reports of good service, but also many reports of poor customer service and denials of coverage.


  • Widest variety of plans available
  • Website is easy to understand
  • Coverage is nationwide
  • Includes short-term international coverage
  • Reasonably priced plans


  • Poor customer service
  • Care can vary depending on geographic location

Learn more here.


Humana is another major insurance company in the United States. They offer comprehensive health insurance at excellent rates with many policy benefits. However, coverage is only available to residents of 22 states, primarily in the South and Midwest.

Premiums  $190-$700

Humana offers some of the most reasonably priced premiums of any company we reviewed, particularly with their budget plans. The lowest price in the range given above is a general estimate on the cheapest plan for the average 35-year-old person. The highest price is a general estimate on the highest-rated plan for the average 55-year-old person.


Humana offers an above-average range of plans when compared with other insurance providers. These plans will include dental where required by state law, and vision plans can be added on for reasonable prices. However, there are no short-term plans available from Humana, and no international coverage is available.


Humana covers a more limited geographic range and does not cover international travel. They do cover chronic illness care and home healthcare as well as transitional services for the elderly.

Customer Service

Humana also gets only average reviews for customer service, with many consumers complaining that the company makes it difficult to find out what is covered or which healthcare providers are in network.


  • Wide variety of plans
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Only available in 22 states
  • Can be difficult to find out what is covered

Find out more here.


Aetna is one of the oldest insurance companies still providing coverage. Prices are cheaper with Aetna than with nearly any other insurance agency, particularly for those under 55.

Premiums  $190-$570

Aetna has some of the least expensive options available, particularly among budget plans for those under 55. The lowest price in the range given above is a general estimate on the cheapest plan for the average 35-year-old person. The highest price is a general estimate on the highest-rated plan for the average 55-year-old person.


Aetna does not offer the same range of choice as other companies when it comes to plans. This is especially true when it comes to plans for those over 55. That being said, if you can find a plan that suits you, you're likely to pay less with Aetna than with other providers.


Aetna generally has good coverage that meets or exceeds all the demands of the ACA. Vision and supplemental insurance plans are available for an additional fee. They do not have short-term plans.

Customer Service

In general, customer service is a bit better than with other companies. The website is not as intuitive as some other company sites, but real-time human help is available.


  • Best prices for plans available
  • Good coverage
  • Better customer service than other agencies


  • No short-term policies
  • Less choice for those over 55

Find out more here.


While we took a look at United Healthcare reviews as well as reviews of all the other insurance agencies on this list, in the end choosing insurance is very personal. If you are looking for the best possible plan that covers the most conditions and costs, United Healthcare's premium plans are a good choice.

If you're on a strict budget, it is definitely worth your while to see whether Humana offers coverage in your area. Aetna also offers solid options and is a reputable and well-established company.

But in the end, Blue Cross BlueShield is our pick for best all-around insurance in terms of plans, coverage, and cost. If you need insurance, we recommend looking there.

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