The Best Way To Apply For A Health Insurance Plan

Having found a health insurance plan which meets your needs at a cost which you can afford, the next step is to apply for cover.

Applying for a Health Insurance Cover


Start by gathering up all the information that you need in filling out your application including such things as details of your most recent health insurance plan, the name and address of your family doctor and the dates of your most recent and any ongoing medical treatments.

Applying under an Employer’s Group Health Insurance Plan


If your health insurance cover is being provided by your employer then there will often be a waiting period before you can join the plan, but don’t let this stop you from beginning the application process. The process for an employer�€™s group health insurance scheme is usually quite simple, since nearly all plans will allow enrollment for eligible employees regardless of such things as your present state of health or any pre-existing conditions.

The Best Way To Apply For A Health Insurance PlanYour employer will usually give you an enrollment form and you will have to fill in your personal information including such things as your address, social security number, and any dependents who will also be covered under the plan. You will also have to include information about your employment such as the date on which you were hired and, where there are choices available, the type of health cover you require under the scheme. You might also be asked to provide information about any previous health insurance coverage including the name of the insurance company and your policy number, but you will not have to have a medical examination.

Applying for Individual Health Insurance Plan


If you are applying for your own individual health insurance plan then the process will be very similar, although you may not have anyone to assist in processing the paperwork for you. Having said this, in most cases insurance companies will send an insurance agent to discuss your application with you and to help you process the paperwork if you wish.

Online Health Insurance Application


Today the process of applying for a health insurance plan is so simple that a growing number of people are choosing to apply for cover online. Here, you need to visit the health insurance company’s website where you will find an online application form in a secure area of the site. Having filled out the necessary details you click on the submit button and your application will then be processed for you by the insurance company.

If you are not comfortable with giving out personal information over the Internet then telephone the insurance company and ask them to send you the application form which can then be returned in the normal way by post.

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