All You Need to Know about Temporary Health Insurance Between Jobs

If you find yourself in the uncomfortable situation of being between jobs and with no active health insurance, it’s only natural that getting insured is going to be among your top priorities (along with obtaining another job, of course). Temporary health insurance is a common solution for a whole array of situations: for young adults who aren’t eligible to benefit from their parents’ insurance plan anymore, for people who are currently between jobs, for people who are just starting graduate school or have just finished it and are still on the search for a job. Whatever your current situation may be, the first thing you need to know is that there are plenty of options for temporary health insurance between jobs. I’m sure some of them will suit you just fine as long as you pay attention to a few details.

How Does Short Term Health Insurance Work?

Temporary Health Insurance Between Jobs
Did you lose your job recently? Find out how to get short term health insurance in this post.

First of all, you need to know that short term health insurance is really targeted at people who are between two long term health insurance plans. This type of insurance doesn’t cover, for example, pre-existent conditions. Its purpose is to serve as a safety net should any accident or serious illness occur before the insured individual gets a chance to move on to their next, long-term insurance plan. Typically, a short-term health insurance plan covers a period of a few months (between 3 and 6). For people who are struggling with a more or less perpetual period of no insurance (whether they are unemployed or ineligible for insurance for other reasons), temporary health insurance isn’t really a solution.

It’s true that temporary or short term health insurance is indeed less expensive than traditional insurance plans, but since its coverage is very limited, it doesn’t count as adequate under the new Affordable Care Act (ACA). This means the person insured this way should really get a traditional plan soon, otherwise they may be subject to tax penalties for being uninsured. Therefore, if you’re struggling with a longer period of lack of insurance, you should apply for a cheap insurance plan from an ACA-compliant help desk and see where that goes instead of opting for a temporary insurance plan.

A good place to start your searches for short-term cheap health insurance or even the permanent coverage you need is with Assurant Health. We recommend you check out their webpage first. They are generally known as a reliable provider of affordable health insurance for a large variety of personal situations which require short term coverage. Their website is helpful especially because they can assist the visitor in determining their exact legal situation as far as health insurance is concerned, so you can then understand your options better. If you’ve just lost your insurance you previously had from your job and don’t know exactly what to do, this can be a good starting point in finding out, since the legal technicalities can be pretty confusing for anyone without a law degree.

Anyway, the point to take away from all this is that short term health insurance is a viable solution for anyone currently between two health insurance plans, since there’s no point in paying too much for traditional coverage until you’re entitled to receive it from your next job or such. Good luck with your searches and getting properly insured!

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