Student Health Insurance for the Short-Term

Health Insurance for the Short-Term: A Temporary Fix


Health insurance for the short term is specifically designed to cover gaps in insurance coverage.  There are times that people can find themselves not covered by insurance, change of job, moving to another state, loss of employment, or leaving a parent’s policy after graduation.  For these times, short term health insurance can continue to protect the uninsured and keep costs lower on health services.  Students make up the majority of those that have a great need for short term health insurance.  Statistically, students require this type of protection because they cannot afford out of pocket expenses, are often dropped from their parent’s plan upon graduating or dropping below full time status and are most often making moves to other states to attend college.


Health Insurance Every Student Must Have


Student Health Insurance for the Short-Term

Short term health insurance is a responsible move to protect an individual, especially students from a gap in health care coverage.  During a period of not holding insurance, if a student were to become injured, they could be facing medical bills that far exceed their entire four year tuition at most state colleges.  When seeking short term health insurance for a student, it is advisable to consider the coverage that the policy will provide.


Finding Affordable Temporary Health Insurance


Signing on with an insurance company that provides short term health insurance is easy.  Many insurance companies that offer this service can be located online.  By performing an insurance rate quote comparison, students can locate affordable, short term medical insurance and protect themselves from the rising costs of being uninsured.


Compare Short Term Health Insurance Limits vs. Price


Short term health insurance for students will often be riddled with limits.  Those limits extend to what is covered on the policy as well as how much the insurance company will pay for during a time of crisis.  When seeking this type of health insurance, it is important to understand that the price comparisons should be kept to this specific type of insurance and not a quote for a general health care insurance policy which could cost much more.

Spend some time investigating the different coverage that insurance companies are offering on their short term policies.  You can save a lot of trouble in the future by researching as much as you can to get the best coverage at the lowest price.  Expect to pay a little more for great insurance coverage, but also realize that you can lower your monthly payments by carrying a high deductible.    Signing up is very simple, especially for students because so many companies have policies specifically designed for them.

Go online and find a reliable source for information about the insurance companies in your state that offer short term medical insurance.  Compare the policies between each other and find the one that gives you the best and second best protection.  Then compare the prices and go with the one that is more affordable.  In this way, you will have done everything that you can to find the right insurance for your needs and to protect you from being caught uninsured.

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