Temporary Health Insurance

Temporary Health Insurance For Gaps In Medical Cover


Short term health insurance (also known as temporary health insurance) is designed to provide you with medical cover whenever there is a gap in your normal health care coverage as might occur for example if you are between jobs, have lost your group health insurance cover and are not covered under COBRA.

Temporary Health Insurance and UnemploymentShort term health insurance is provided through a temporary plan which is not renewable (although a new application can be made for further coverage if needed) and is usually issued for a period of up to one year depending upon your state of residence. This said, many companies require cover to be taken for a minimum of one month and restrict short term medical insurance coverage to a maximum of six months.


Short Term Health Insurance Vs. Standard Plans


Because a short term health insurance policy is designed purely to provide temporary cover there are several important differences between individual temporary and standard health plans.

Naturally, cover will vary widely between different companies but, in general, temporary health insurance plans will not include routine care (including check-ups) and medical care that is considered to be of a purely preventative nature. It is also normal for dental and vision care to be excluded.

Most plans will cover you for emergencies and will include such things as cover for ambulance services, laboratory tests, x-rays, intensive care treatment and prescription drugs. There is normally also provision for hospital care and, in certain cases, for home care. Most short-term health insurance plans can also be extended to cover a spouse and dependents.

Just like standard cover the cost of temporary health insurance varies widely and if you need temporary health insurance coverage you should get short term major medical insurance quotes from several different providers so that you can compare rates across the market.

You can also often get affordable temporary medical insurance premiums by agreeing to restrict claims to bills in excess of a specified sum and electing to pay a percentage of all bills for treatment and services. If, for example, you agree to limit any claim to bills in excess of $1,000 and thereafter to meet 40% of the cost yourself your premium will be lower that it would be if you agree to claim on bills in excess of $500 and to meet 20% of the cost.


Remember What a Temporary Health Insurance is For


At the end of the day though it is important to remember that cheap short term medical insurance policies are designed to provide temporary medical coverage only and should not be used as a substitute for regular health insurance cover.

Short term medical insurance will give you coverage when you find yourself between permanent plans to protect you against the often crippling costs of unexpected medical bills.

Apply for temporary health insurance coverage today and give both yourself and your family considerable peace of mind.

Get a FREE, no obligation temporary health insurance quote today!

Short term major medical insurance quotes.

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