Purchasing a Premera Blue Cross Family Health Insurance Plan

Have you considered purchasing a plan in what has been recently dubbed the number one health plan in Washington? You should probably get a move on if that’s the case. Premera Blue Cross family health insurance plans are only open for enrollment until February 15th of this year at Premera.com. Purchasing Premera Blue Cross Family Health Insurance Plans can be an altogether painless experience. However, before you decide to shell out cash, make sure you understand how this health plan works, who Premera are, and whether Blue Cross Premera really is the best choice for you. Some eligibility conditions apply before choosing a family health policy through Premera Blue Cross. After purchase, you will have access to a finite set of Premera Blue Cross providers. So get informed before you buy!

What is Premera Blue Cross?

Premera Blue Cross is a not-for-profit health insurance company. The Washington Hospital Service founded this company back in 1945. Today, it’s serves as a licensed seller of Blue Cross Blue Shield policies and is owned by the Blue Cross Blue Shield association. It operates through most of Washington State, save for Clark County. Premera sells both Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance policies in Alaska. It also carries a main affiliate known as Lifewise. Premera Blue Cross provides health insurance throughout several parts of Washington state and Oregon. Although Blue Cross Blue Shield serves as a sort of parent organization, Premera Blue Cross is an independent company based out of Mountlake Terrace, Washington.

How Premera Blue Cross operates

In order to purchase Premera Blue Cross health insurance, you must enroll by February 15th. Then, you have until the last day of each month to apply for a specific type of coverage which will become effective at one of the four dates of your choice (the 1st or 15th of the following month, or the 1st or 15th in two months’ time). Applying via Washington Healthplanfinder means that you must apply for coverage by the 23rd of every month. Applicants must provide their Social Security number along with their birth date. This rule applies to the applicant themselves as well as any other family members enrolling in the plan.

Premera Blue CrossOnce you’ve purchased your plan, you’ll receive a welcome kit. This kit includes a cover letter as well as a welcome email with links to informational resources. Premera also provides a toll free number for you to call for info on your selected health plan. It may take some time before you receive your ID card. If you need to use your coverage before it arrives, simply confirm your ID number over the phone with Premera. Or, the will confirm it for you by the in-network health care providers.

The benefits of buying a Premera Blue Cross Family Health Insurance Plan

In 2015, Premera offers four different types of coverage plans: Preferred Gold 1000/1500, Preferred Silver 2000/3000, Preferred Bronze 5500/6300, and Preferred HSA 2500/5250. The figures after each plan title represent the annual deductible per calendar year for each heritage signature provider. Although differences exist between plans, the main benefits all include emergency care, inpatient (and outpatient) care, maternity care, newborn care, counseling, psychotherapy and behavioral health treatment for substance use/mental health care, drug prescription, rehab, and habilitative therapy (which includes speech, physical, occupational therapy, and psychiatric rehabilitation), lab tests, vaccines, illness screenings, plus pediatric services (which include dental and vision health for children under the age of 19).

Some of the top health care providers to which Premera Blue Cross subscribers have access include: the Virginia Mason Hospital and Medical Center, Overlake Hospital Medical Center, Northwest Hospital, Evergreen Health, CHI Franciscan Health, Providence Health & Services, and some new additions starting this year. The newcomers include the Seattle Children’s Hospital, Swedish Health Services, the MultiCare Health System, and UW Medicine.

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