Picking the Right Health Insurance For You

What to do and what to look for

With the Affordable Care Act in place, many people who didn’t have health insurance will be looking for it now.  But what is it you’re supposed to look for when it comes to health insurance?  There are several factors to think about when you go looking.

English: U.S. Health Insurance Status (Under 65)
English: U.S. Health Insurance Status (Under 65) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How much it costs

This is, of course, the biggest factor when it comes to anything you have to pay for.  Will it cost a lot?  Is the cost reasonable?  If it’s expensive, does it cover a lot of things, or only a few major medical expenses?  Be sure to shop around and make sure you aren’t getting stuck with coverage that costs a lot and only delivers a little.

How much you need covered

Most people don’t need a whole lot of health insurance.  They might get sick every now and then, maybe have one or two prescriptions for minor things like birth control or eye drops.  If this is the case with you, then don’t let someone try to talk you into buying a ton of coverage that you don’t need; this ties in with the cost.  The more coverage you have, the more it will cost, and if you know you’ll never need something, you’ll be wasting your money.  But if you have a special condition that requires a lot of medicine or regular visits to the doctor and hospital for tests and screenings, then consider expanded coverage.  You’ll be paying more, but it will be to your advantage in the long run if you can get your insurance to cover all of your medical bills.

What your family situation is

Many health insurance plans will allow you to cover your child or children under the same plan for a little bit more per child, or even include your spouse.  If you can get a plan with family coverage, you’ll be saving money and you’ll have the peace of mind that if something happens to a member of your family, you won’t have to worry about how to pay the medical bills.

The freedom you have

If you already have a family doctor, or a hospital that you prefer to visit, then you’ll want to make sure the plan allows you to pick your doctor.  Some health insurance plans will give you a list of doctors and hospitals you can go to for covered visits, which means that if you go outside the network, you’ll be paying out of pocket for any expenses you incur.

And be sure to read reviews

It isn’t just products that can be reviewed; companies can, too.  Be sure to look at reviews for the health insurance company you’re thinking of going with.  If it’s mostly positive reviews with only a few negative, then you can feel safe going with them.  If it’s mostly negative, with things like bad customer service or refusing to pay out for bills and any other promised expenses, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

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