Should Obama Care Tax Credits Be Discontinued?

The Supreme Court is getting ready to give a historical ruling in the King v. Burwell case, a case which will decide the very foundations of the Affordable Care Act (also known as ObamaCare).The issue at hand, to go straight to the core of the debate, is whether anyone should have access to health care subsidy under any circumstances, or whether this should be subject on the federal exchanges of the state. To state the issue more clearly, the issue revolves around whether the state or federal government should purchase these Obama Care tax credits.

At the present time, Obama care tax credit subsidies are allowed under the current law, but the case on roll is questioning whether this allowance should be continued or not. In the case of a negative ruling, the costs of healthcare would not be as subsidized for the individual as they are at the current time, and the outcome of such an event would be debatable. On one hand, there are multiple voices that accuse the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of being too much of a burden on the public financial system, by giving too much health coverage to those who previously wouldn’t qualify for it, but on the other hand, extending the umbrella of coverage to include everyone is also a benefit to society as a whole.

Obama Care Tax Credits
Will the state of national health care subsidy change forever?

What Do the Polls Say on Overturning the Obama Care Tax Credits?

The main supporters of this trial seem to be a group of politicians belonging to the Republican Party, who argue around a line in the original law. The text of the law exceeds 1000 pages, but in one place, it is stated that such health care subsidies should only be made available for people who buy them in exchanges ‘established by the state’. This line, according to the Republicans, means that federal exchanges shouldn’t allow these subsidies (as they currently do). If this changes, it could mean the overturn of the subsidies (Obama care tax credits) currently given to those who cannot afford the health care coverage they need.

Since the impact of this ruling could be so huge, polls have been organized to test how the general public feels about the matter debated here. The two main polls conducted both point out that Americans would oppose a court ruling which would end the subsidies for those in need (even if it was heavily argued in the media that these subsidies are more or less a burden on society). The Washington Post poll recently published indicated that 55% of all citizens would oppose this, while the other majorly important poll, conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation on how do citizens view this law which has been known to be pretty controversial, indicated that 43% of them view it favorably (thus having a favorable view on keeping subsidies as well).

If the subsidies were overturned in spite of what the majority of Americans now vote for according to the polls (this attitude being somewhat unexpected after the initial reluctance to ACA), it could mean the loss of health care subsidy (Obama care tax credit) for many vulnerable people. Texas namely would be one of the hardest hit states, with more than 800,000 of its residents losing their health care subsidy.

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