Feds Keep Obama Care Tax Credit in Latest News on Obama Care

In the beginning of June, we covered the latest news about the Obama Care tax credit system. Last week, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing nationwide law for health care subsidy as originally prescribed by the so-called Obamacare law (formally known as the Affordable Care Act or ACA). The ACA is the acting President’s signature law, now in its second year of existence. Up until now, the law wasn’t enforced everywhere. Some state governments refused to allow federal authorities to enroll their eligible citizens in the Medicaid programs prescribed by ACA. Now, it is fair to assume that all of the legal battle obstacles are behind and the law can finally begin to touch its potential by offering a valid health care subsidy to every citizen in need of it. The nationwide application of the Obama Care Tax Credit system was voted 6-to-3. This historical ruling also means that the ACA will very probably survive the President’s current mandate and remain firmly embedded in our healthcare system even after Mr. Obama, its architect, leaves his current office.

Obama Care Tax Credit
The Supreme Court ruled to keep the health care subsidy system in place under Obama Care

Obamacare Facts: What the ACA Accomplished So Far

First of all, if you’re not very familiar with the specifics of this law, you can browse our brief introduction and roundup of Obamacare facts to get up to speed. There have been a lot of misconceptions about the law being publicized in mainstream media and we think it’s useful to take note of them. In our opinion, no one can be against this law unless they have been influenced by such misconceptions. Usually, when various sources discuss Obamacare pros and cons, the main thing which is reported as being ‘wrong’ about this law is the fact that too many resources will be wasted in covering every last person living in this country whether they are entitled to receive that insurance coverage or not. But the ACA was never intended to cover everyone: illegal immigrants, for example, won’t be eligible for it.

Instead, the law is meant to offer those precious health care subsidies, also known as Obama Care tax credits throughout the various articles on the subject which you may encounter, to those poor and middle-class people and families who are struggling with paying the previously unaffordable health care plans. It’s not about giving full coverage to free loaders, but it’s about giving some help to those who need it. The previously uncovered or the ones who don’t earn enough to make coverage now won’t receive full benefits as if they have a high tax contribution; but still, they will receive the basic amounts of health care necessary for a more civilized state of things all around.

So far, previous to the latest news on Obama care (the Supreme Court ruling), about 15 million Americans have gained insurance under the ACA since it was initialized. According to the Urban Institute, the states which have implemented ACA in full have reduced their rates of uninsured people from 16% to 7.5%, which means they now have a rate of 80% insured population since the Obamacare tax credit become available with Medicare. More improvement is to be expected now that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of adopting ACA everywhere.

What Will This New Supreme Court Ruling Change?

No matter if you’re a supporter of Obamacare or not, no matter if you’re excited about the plan or you’re a bit wary thinking it’s still imperfect and better options could have been drafted, the recent Supreme Court ruling should still be good news for each and every one of us. Even if we concede that the ACA, as any good thing still in its initial stages, can still be improved upon, there’ no denying that the performance obtained so far make all potential minor drawbacks worth it. Yes, some critics still say that ACA is too rough on the finances of medical companies though taxation, but it’s the only way to keep the improvement going. Also, all financial data released for this year so far don’t show any signs of the doom some people feared would be brought upon by Obamacare’s costs. On the contrary, the cost-control measures of Medicaid have actually managed to bring down the total costs, even with the new health care subsidy policy.

Others may criticize that the health care plans offered to the previously uninsured aren’t that good to begin with, but they are missing the larger point: some basic insurance is better than no insurance at all, especially for those who went a long time without it. A solid and healthy medical system can only start from the bottom up, and making sure as many people in the country as possible receive at least basic care when they need it is a much necessary step for the betterment of this country.

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