Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance

What is Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance


It is not always easy to find Medicare supplemental health insurance information online, but a Medicare supplemental health insurance plan is simply a private medical insurance policy which is designed to fill gaps in the original Medicare plan coverage. As a result these policies are also commonly referred to as Medigap policies.


Who Can Buy Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance?


Medicare Supplemental Health InsuranceIf you hold an original Medicare policy therefore you may, if you wish to do so, purchase a Medicare supplemental health insurance plan from a private insurance company to provide wider health insurance coverage with each policy paying its share of covered health care costs.

Although Medicare supplemental health insurance plans are sold by private insurance companies they must all nonetheless meet specific benefits and must conform to both federal and state laws.


The 12 Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance Plans


There are a total of 12 different plans available (referred to as Plans A through L) and each plan covers a different set of both basic and extra benefits. In general, plan holders will have to be covered from Medicare Part A and Part B and plan holders will pay a monthly premium for Part B, together with a monthly premium to the insurance provider for their Medicare Supplemental plan.


Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance Isn’t Conjugal


One important point to note is that Medigap policies cannot cover couples and that each partner will need to have his or her own policy.

Like any other private health insurance plan, you will need to shop around to find the best Medicare supplemental health insurance plan and will need to study the various plans on offer carefully if you wish to buy cheap Medicare supplemental health insurance.

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