Key Things to Know About Private Health Insurance in Texas


Private Health Insurance – Texas Stats


Approximately one out of every four residents in Texas does not have health insurance, despite the fact that the hospital inpatient cost per day before insurance in the Lone Star State averages $1800. Customer satisfaction for private health insurance plans in Texas average 3.7 stars out of a possible 5. A Texas private health insurance plan is designed to cover healthcare and medical costs for individuals who are self-employed, do not have an employer who offers a group plan, or is enrolled in a group plan that does not includes spouses or dependents.


8 Major Private Health Insurance Companies in Texas


Private Health Care TexasThere are eight major companies offering individual and family health insurance plans to Texas residents. They are AARP-branded plans, insured by Aetna; Aetna Life Insurance Company; Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Texas; Cigna; Humana; IHC Group; Scott & White Health Plan; and UnitedHealthOne. The average deductible for these companies is $5,000, with the lowest monthly premiums around $150 for a 30-year old non-smoker and as high as $460 for a 60-year old non-smoker. Consumers are urged to compare rates and benefits among the various individual and family health insurance plans offered by these major vendors. If purchasing a policy for a couple, Texas rates are based on the youngest age of the individuals listed on the policy but in some cases plans may be more affordable if each partner secures an individual plan.


Shopping for Private Health Insurance in Texas


A good resource when shopping for private health insurance in Texas is found at, a resource compiled by the Texas Department of Insurance. Many factors influence the kind of private health insurance that will give an individual or family members the benefits they need, including their employment status, whether or not they are a member of the military, whether they are single or married, self-employed, unemployed, their age and if they are still a full-time student.


Health Insurance Coverages in Texas


Basic types of health insurance plans in Texas cover Accident Only, Basic Hospital, Basic Hospital Medical-Surgical, Basic Medical-Surgical, Disability Income Protection, Hospital Confinement Indemnity, Limited Benefit, Major Medical, and Short-Term Major Medical. Supplemental types of policies offered at additional premiums can cover such issues as cancer, critical illness, dental/vision, First Diagnosis Cancer, Preventive Care, Specified Disease and and Specified Health Event. The most common types of plans are indemnity plans allowing you to go to any hospital or doctor and paying all fees upfront which are then reimbursed by your insurance carrier; Fee for Service health plans in which the doctor or hospital sends the insurance company a bill for a percentage of their fees and the patient is responsible for the rest; and Managed Care Health Plans providing care through a network of specified doctors and hospitals.

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