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Health Plans of America is dedicated to helping Americans in all 50 states find affordable health insurance. We are not a health insurance company. We are one of the largest and most trusted sources for competitive health insurance quotes.

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  1. I’m 9 months pregnant and I was looking at different insurance. They were extremely rude on the phone… they said I have a pre-existing condition and they would take me. I thought this was illegal. They were rude and very insulting. They also ended up hanging up on me.

  2. I used Health Plan America and several other quoting sites, such as Insurance Agents. All gave me the same information.

  3. What a great service! I was getting really frustrated with the whole process of finding health insurance. I wasn’t getting any good offers or plans, only lots of phone calls. Finally, I ran into Health Plan of America who helped me out a lot. They helped me sort out the good plans over the bad ones and finally I found a plan that works ideally for me!

  4. Thanks Medical Health Insurance for suggesting this site. Health Plan America has really made the search for an insurance plan really easy. This is my first time looking, and everything was well explained to me.

  5. I like to stay informed so I frequent I run a quote report at least every 2 months. I like to know that I’m getting the best deal. Now I am confident that I’m getting the most affordable deal.

  6. Health Plan of America does an okay job presenting the information. Other sites have given me quotes and more options.

    1. Dear Denise:

      I saw your review on this website and was wondering if you found a website that you were happy with? Did you get Health Insurance?

      I have found that looking for private health insurance can be either expensive or for the affordable ones there isn’t mush offered.

      I ended up getting an insurance plan and it is very restrictive. It does not pay very much for the things that women should be getting yearly, such as pap, typical blood work, mammograms, or even a colonoscopy.

      Could you recommend a place that you found the best insurance?



  7. I’ve tried several of these types of sites, running comparison charts for me. This one gave me by far the best results. The quotes were reasonable in price and offered through a well known insurance provider. I’m glad I ran into this site.

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