Health Insurance for Students

Under 26 health insuranceAdding Children Under 26 To Your Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 was drafted by Congress to remedy many of the American healthcare systems problems and to extend coverage to uninsured Americans who found themselves unable to afford health insurance. Part of the law allows young adults up to the age of 26 to be covered under their parents’ insurance policies. 

Why healthy people need coverage.

Many young people found themselves without health insurance coverage as they passed the age of 18 or graduated college. In addition, in recent years, companies began to delay eligibility for coverage under company healthcare policies. This left young adults without health insurance for a number of years during the period when they looked for jobs and waited to become eligible. Also, many young adults could not afford their own health coverage while they attempted to set up their independent lives. The Affordable Healthcare Act made it possible for them to stay on their parents’ policies during those critical years in between college and establishing themselves in their careers.

Eligible to be on parents’ insurance until 26.

Anyone can be on their parents’ insurance policy if they are under the age of 26. Coverage is available whether you are a student, married or supporting yourself. It does not depend on whether your parents claim you as a dependent on their tax returns nor whether you live with your parents or independently. Biological children, stepchildren, adopted children or any child dependent on an adult while waiting for adoption to be completed is eligible. 

Who Is Not Eligible?

Young adults under the age of 26 who are covered by their employer’s health insurance or other types of insurance are not eligible for coverage under their parents’ policy. Grandchildren are not eligible to be on their grandparents’ policies. Grandparents who have legal custody of their grandchildren are also not eligible to put their grandchildren on their policies.

How to get health insurance coverage.

If children are already on their parents’ health insurance policy, they do not need to do anything to continue coverage until age 26. If you wish to put your adult child on your policy, contact your insurance company to learn their procedure. You may have to wait for a special enrollment period depending on the insurance company.



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