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Colonial Penn Life Insurance Review: Rates, Coverage, and Service

Doctor writing on a life insurance form and beside it is a stethoscope, iPhone, and a laptop

Many people overlook the importance of life insurance, which leaves their loved ones in peril. Every thorough financial plan must account for the inevitable. Life insurance protects families from losing their homes, ensures children’s educational expenses, and provides coverage for final expenses. But what happens if you can’t qualify for a life insurance policy because […]

Premium vs Deductible: Distinguishing These Important Terms to Understand Your Policy Better

Health Insurance Policy

Approximately 90 percent of Americans have health insurance coverage. However, there seems to be just as high a percentage without a clear grasp of what their coverage actually covers. Many will tell you they picked their insurance package without understanding their copay, how to tell the difference between a premium vs deductible, and other terms […]

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