Target Pharmacy to Switch Over to CVS Caremark Pharmacy

As the pressures on all grand retailers (such as Walmart and as Target, which makes the focus of today’s news) to offer their customers everything increases, a recent announcement reveals how Target plans to meet those ends. The company has decided to sell its pharmacy and health businesses to another huge name in the business: to CVS or Caremark pharmacy. This move comes as only the most recent push in a trend that has been going on for years, a trend which makes the most competitive retail giants allow the boundaries between them become more blurry with such business swaps. This way, the customers of all brands and retail chains can shop with fewer stops and complications.

So, in respect to Target Pharmacy, soon enough customers will be able to access it as the brand new CVS Pharmacy as soon as the transaction details will be implemented completely. Also, the fact that CVS Health is also included in the deal will help bring more professionalism and medical expertise to the new pharmacies which are about to be opened or reopened under the new brand. In addition to this, the customers of the CVS Health network will have extra benefits: they will be able to get their prescriptions from Caremark Pharmacy and their refills from many Target stores, making the whole process much more convenient.

Caremark Pharmacy
Target Pharmacy has recently been sold to CVS. What does this mean for us customers?

The CVS Caremark Pharmacy: Conveniently Placed as Possible

How much more or how much less convenient it is for customers to shop seems to be the newest factor in marketing, one which truly makes the difference between winning or losing business. People expect nowadays to have everything ready to be picked up from as near as possible and with as little hassle as possible, which is precisely why companies are doing everything in their power to facilitate this for their clients, including by collaborating with other major players in the retail niche. Larry Merlo, the CEO of CVS has even made it clear that the recent move is all about that. In a recent interview concerning the sale, he declared: ‘I think this is creating an opportunity to define convenience in a way the customer wants to define it.’

More than 1,600 Target pharmacies will cross over under the umbrella and brand name of CVS after the new deal was signed. This move will also allow the retailer to focus more on its grocery business, since the health business just got a considerable upgrade. From now on, Target customers are much more likely to make it to a CVS 24 h pharmacy without needing to stray from their usual shopping routine. Also, more CVS pharmacy locations are expected to be opened within Target stores within the next 3 years, as well as about 20 CVS clinics.

This is a good move beyond the gain of the two companies involved, because it manages to raise the standards of healthcare and pharmacy service just a notch upper than they were so far. The better the clients will be served in all respects (including how easy it is for them to make it to a pharmacy or a walk-in clinic), the more can the overall expectations, standards and well-being of the people rise as well.

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