Using California Healthcare Compare Health Insurance Comparison Tool

People looking for a healthcare plan in California may just be better equipped in their search from now on: the California Department of Insurance has just launched a new tool to assist all users with health insurance comparison. Basically, whenever you are shopping for a new insurance plan (or looking for a more convenient coverage plan than the one you already have), you can use the California Healthcare Compare tool to have all the facts laid out before you. This is a great piece of news for all the people who like to be thorough when shopping for health insurance, and previously needed to actually calculate and map out all the figures themselves until now.

How Does the Healthcare Compare Tool Work?

Health Insurance ComparisonThe health insurance comparison tool was designed by the California Department of Insurance following the success of the similar health care tool previously launched for smaller niches of healthcare costs. While tools and apps such as  #PriceCheck, for example, were initially designed to allow people get a better estimate on how much an event like childbirth could cost them, by crowdsourcing facts and figures from other people’s experiences, the new California health insurance tool will help draft a direct comparison between plans. This will allow a much better overview of how much they could be expected to pay for the actual insurance, as well as estimating any eventual out of pocket costs much more accurately.

We all know that all the details contained by the average health insurance plan can be quite complex, no matter how simply they are presented in the initial package and overview on the insurance company’s website. This is why an actually accurate comparison between two plans is hard to sketch from the first sight, and even though you think you more or less got the picture, the actual bills may end up looking a lot different than what you initially had in mind.

Discussing this new California Healthcare Compare tool, the state Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones addressed this problem as well, saying that many people face higher deductibles and out of pocket costs when using their health insurance plans. This is why the new tool is a more than welcome addition to the way we inform ourselves about our options before actually opting for one health insurance plan or another.

To use the Healthcare Compare tool, just go to the California Healthcare Compare portal (currently hosted by Consumer Reports). Then, just enter as much data as you have about your current or previous plans, your usual doctor(s) and hospital, and let the application do the researching work for you. For any technical issues, the portal will also offer you a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers, so don’t worry about getting the tool to work right for your particular health insurance comparison.

How Can a Health Care Tool Improve Medical Insurance

If a significant percentage of people struggling with finding an appropriate health insurance coverage would actually start using this new tool, then it could definitely be said that the health care tool is a success. Not only it would help more people find the affordable health insurance they really need, but it would also make the job a lot easier for people already satisfied with their coverage plans, but who still need to properly assess how much they would be billed in out-of-pocket costs in the event of an out of the ordinary medical situation. For all these issues and more, the new California Healthcare Compare portal should be the ideal answer. But, as is the case will all useful portals and tools, their actual impact on the domain they were designed for (in this case, the healthcare insurance market) depends on how many users gain access and effectively start using it.

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