Addictions and Health Insurance – How to Get the Help You Need

There was a time when heroin was the drug that was of most concern, but today the two major street drugs causing major issues with addiction are methamphetamine and crack cocaine. This is a world-wide epidemic and no matter where you live, help is available. If you have health insurance, cover will most often be governed by the country and region in which you live, but it is probably safe to say that most insurance companies do offer some type of cover for treatment of addictions.

Here are some tips that should be fairly standard no matter where you live, so this is a good starting point for those looking for treatment of any type of addiction. From smoking tobacco products to street drug abuse, help is out there so don’t despair.

Read Your Policy

The first place you should start to look for treatment covered by your insurance policy is with the policy itself. Thoroughly read all the small print and you are apt to find out whether addiction treatment is covered and if so, how much will they pay. You may have also been provided with a booklet that goes into greater detail.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on your insurance documents, you can always call your insurance provider. Most have a local or toll-free number that you can call to get specifics on the types and amounts of cover your policy offers. This is also a good place to start when looking for the right treatment for your addiction because they do have a list of all their partner healthcare providers who deal with substance abuse.

Consult with Your GP

You might want to talk to your GP because you can buy Modalert that is a non-addictive pharmaceutical that has shown great promise in combatting addiction to stimulant drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine. If your GP can’t prescribe it under your insurance plan, you might want to research the benefits online and find where you can buy it without a prescription. Just make sure it is delivered in a nondescript package as it may be confiscated by customs otherwise – unless accompanied by a prescription.

Check out Government Resources

Another great resource is your local government healthcare agency. They know all the local addiction support groups and resources and can often quickly direct you to a group and/or clinic near you. Some countries offer free services whilst others have a sliding scale and others yet are approved providers covered under your insurance policy. Even so, government social services departments and websites like this one in the United States are a great place to locate addiction treatment resources.

Addiction is the leading cause of failure to report to work (other than illness of course) and also the number one cause of unemployment in otherwise employable people. If you are having issues with an addiction, check out your insurance cover first and if all else fails, seek free or cost effective community based resources. Just get help before it’s too late.

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