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3 Reasons For Purchasing International Travel Medical Insurance

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For a lot of us travel insurance is simply seen as one of the many extras which the travel agent tries to persuade us to add to our holiday package to help boost his profits and make our holiday even more expensive than it needs to be. However, there are three very important reasons for not leaving home without your international travel medical insurance plan in your pocket.


3 Reasons Why You Must Have an International Travel Medical Insurance When You Travel


Protects You from Loss of Money

First, medical travel insurance coverage protects you from losing your money if an emergency arises and you are forced to cancel your trip. This is especially true if you are arranging your holiday some time ahead as you cannot know what might happen in the weeks leading up to your trip. However, by their very nature emergencies have a habit of appearing at any time and without warning which makes this one type of protection which really should not be considered in terms of time.

It is human nature to believe that nothing will ever happen to us, however, a vacation can often involve a significant up-front payment and the loss of this money might mean that you are unable to re-arrange your trip later on.

Pays for Medical Treatment While in Transit

Second, medical insurance for foreign travel enables you to pay for medical treatment while you are in transit and while you are on holiday and, in the event of a major accident or illness, will pay for you to return home if this proves necessary.

Medical treatment might be very good at your destination and it may even be a lot cheaper than it is at home. Nonetheless, a few days in hospital could still leave you with a very large bill which eats deeply into your spending money. It is also possible that medical care at your destination will leave a lot to be desired and you might well need to cut your vacation short and return home to get the treatment you require.

Protects the Value of Your Possessions While Traveling

Third, travel insurance will protect the value of your possessions while you are traveling and abroad so that you will be compensated in the event of loss or damage.


What if This Happens to You?


If you have spent any time traveling then you will almost certainly have experienced the loss of your luggage at some stage and will know just how inconvenient and expensive this is. I will not forget stopping off for a bite to eat on my way to the airport on one holiday and very carefully locking my bag in the trunk of my hire car. When I got back approximately thirty minutes later I found that someone had picked the passenger door lock and folded the back seat down to gain access to the boot and make away with my suitcase.

I also well remember sitting at a traffic light one hot and sunny day when a motorcycle pulled up alongside the car and a boy reached in through the passenger side window and snatched my mother’s purse which was on the floor by her feet.

Traveling overseas is expensive enough but heading off without adequate insurance can result in bills which you simply cannot afford to pay. So, if you are planning a trip remember to add insurance to your vacation list and find yourself a good discounted international travel medical insurance plan.

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