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    As the cost of healthcare continues to rise it is vital that we protect both ourselves, our families and our children and that means finding good affordable health insurance. For individuals that are employed, affordable health insurance cover is often provided by their employer, but as a growing number of businesses seek to reduce their costs, there are increasing gaps or limitations in the coverage offered through employers group policies. In many cases it is necessary to take out private health insurance cover to meet that gap in health insurance coverage. Additionally, many group health insurance plans arranged by companies will not cover an employee's family, another reason that private and affordable health insurance is important for all individuals.

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Affordable Health Insurance and
Competition Amongst The
Insurance Companies

  • There is an enormous range of companies competing for your business today and the cover provided under different individual health insurance and family health plans varies widely, so that finding an affordable health insurance company which has the right low cost medical insurance to meet your needs is not easy. However, the competition between health insurance providers also means that rates vary widely and, as long as you are prepared to put in a little bit of effort and shop around, you can almost certainly find an excellent cheap medical insurance plan quote.

    Your starting point in finding suitable affordable health insurance plans is to define exactly what coverage you want or, more importantly, what coverage you need. For complete peace of mind you might decide that you want to cover every possible eventuality known to man and, in this case, tracking down a cheap health insurance plan is going to be extremely difficult. On the other hand, you might consider that you are in pretty good health and only need to worry about coverage for the cost of hospital care in the event of an accident or major medical emergency, in which case finding an affordable health insurance plan will be far simpler.

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    Unlike buying life insurance, where premiums are normally set at the outset and remain fixed for the term of the policy, health insurance plans are usually only valid for a period of one year and individual premiums are reviewed at each annual renewal. Rising premium costs year on year (resulting in part from the increasing cost of medical care and in part from the increased risk as we age) means that many people choose to limit their cover to those areas which they feel are necessary to keep costs down.

    Once you have decided what you want it is then a question of approaching different health insurance companies, or asking an agent or broker to do this for you, and comparing the cover provided by each and their costs. You should note that many insurers will reduce your premiums as long as you are prepared to meet a proportion of each claim or to claim on your policy only when your medical bill exceeds an agreed figure.

    Having narrowed your choice down to a handful of suitable plans, read through the information contained in each insurance plan quote carefully and make your choice based not only on cost, but also on the cover which is being offered.

    A cheap health insurance plan does not have to mean a low quality plan and, if you take your time and do your research, you will undoubtedly find the right plan providing you with cover at an affordable price. It is then simply a matter of getting a quote and there is no better place to find free affordable health insurance quotes than right here online.

    Throughout this website we cover all aspects of health insurance from cheap family full coverage health insurance and medical insurance for pre existing conditions, through short term health insurance and expat medical insurance to the best Medicare supplemental health insurance and even international long stay travel health insurance.

    But, perhaps the best starting point is to take a look at our growing collection of our own in-house health insurance articles.

    A few of the many articles which are currently available to our visitors:

    Recent government health reform has highlighted the fact that there are more than 47 million Americans without any form of health insurance and this figure not only includes the poor but encompasses people across all income bands and from every state. As if this were not bad enough in itself half of all the personal bankruptcies seen in the United States today result from an inability to meet medical bills. This is shameful and we should not have to read stories day after day in the press about individuals and families suffering in the richest nation on Earth because they are unable to enjoy the benefits of affordable health insurance. Medicare and Medicaid are both excellent programs for those individuals who qualify but they are no substitute for a system which allows us all to access basic private medical insurance cover at a cost which we can afford.

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