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Purchasing Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Family Health Insurance

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A Smorgasbord of Health Insurance Types


Today you can purchase various different types of health insurance including traditional indemnity cover, cover from Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and plans from Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). Additionally, there is also a form of health insurance provided by mutual and stock companies, probably the best known of which is Blue Cross and Blue Shield Health Insurance.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield


Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Family Health InsuranceBlue Cross and Blue Shield is often seen as being one single entity but are in fact two separate organizations with Medical Health Insurance Today providing hospital cover and Blue Shield Health Insurance providing physician cover. As far as policyholder are concerned though both organizations are usually administered together so that you are in effect dealing with just one single health insurance provider.

How Blue Cross and Blue Shield Operate

Both Blue Cross and Blue Shield, which operate as a number of individual companies covering specific states or regions, enter into agreements with a hospitals and doctors to provide services to their members to a clearly defined standard and at a price which is specified in the agreement. This price is generally that which is considered to be ordinary and reasonably for the services being given.

When you join Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield and pay a monthly premium which, as with any other form of health insurance, depends upon a variety of different factors including your age, present state of health, medical history and the services which you want Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield to provide cover for.

Benefits of Joining Blue Cross and Blue Shield

One of the major benefits for many in joining Blue Cross and Blue Shield is that you are not required to pay for treatment and to get involved in any of the usual paperwork associated with re-claiming your costs.

Instead Blue Cross and Blue Shield make payment directly to the hospital or doctor with the benefit of making life much easier for both you and Blue Cross and Blue Shield. As a result, and because of its sheer size and buying power, Blue Cross and Blue Shield can frequently offer plans at less cost than many other insurers.

Having said this, Blue Cross and Blue Shield may not always be the most cost effective option and so you should treat Blue Cross and Blue Shield in the same manner as any other health insurance company when it comes to selecting the best health insurance plan to meet your own specific needs.

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