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Low Cost California Health Insurance

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Like many other states, California places specific requirements on insurance companies which wish to sell health insurance plans to California residents. So just how does living in California and holding a low cost California health insurance plan affect the medical coverage you receive?

Guaranteed Renewable Provision


The particular requirements of California law in respect of health insurance are too many and varied to detail them all here, but the most noticeable affect of arranging health insurance in California is that California health care insurance plans have to meet what is commonly referred to as the “guaranteed renewable” provision.

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Stethoscope, Pills and Dollar Bills and Low Cost California Health InsuranceWhat this means is that, as long as you already hold a plan (and providing you did not make any false statements on your original application and have made all of your premium payments on time) your California health insurance provider cannot simply cancel your plan and must honor your existing contract by renewing it on request.

This is a very important provision because, although it does not stop your insurance company from raising your premiums or denying you some forms of coverage (provided that both are held to be acceptable and reasonable by insurance industry standards), they may not reject a request from an individual to renew a plan that it already in issue.

This can make California health and dental insurance especially valuable if you take it out at an early age and while you are in good health because, if you do become ill at some point in the future, you will never find yourself in the position of being unable to get medical insurance.


California Health Insurance and Pre-Existing Conditions Provision


Another important feature of California health care insurance is that state law limits plans in terms of their provision for pre-existing conditions. This again is a complex area but its main effect is to permit you to transfer any waiting period applied to an existing plan to a low cost California health insurance plan and get credit for the expired portion of any waiting period.


Find Cheap California Health Insurance


If you are a California resident and do not currently have health insurance then you should look seriously at locking into a cheap California health insurance quote today. You might just find that the premium is not as high as you think and feel that the opportunity to lock into guaranteed renewal might well make this an excellent buy.

Get yourself a California health insurance online quote today – you might be surprised at just how affordable it is!

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