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Individual And Family Affordable Health Insurance Plans

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First Things First – What Do You Need Affordable Health Insurance Plans For?


With the continuing rise in health care costs in the United States it is not always easy to find affordable health insurance plans which fit into your budget. To assist you in deciding what will work best for you and your family it is a good idea to begin by thinking about what you are trying to achieve with a health insurance plan and who and what needs to be covered by it.

The Individual Health Insurance Plan


Let’s begin by looking at an individual health insurance plan. Not surprisingly an individual health insurance plan is a plan which is designed to meet the needs of just one individual. For people who only have themselves to worry about this is probably, although not necessarily, going to be the best option, at least as far as cost is concerned. Having said this, individual health insurance plans vary a great deal in terms of cost, depending upon the level of cover you choose.


The Traditional Indemnity Plan


A traditional indemnity plan will usually cover visits to a doctor of your choosing and treatment prescribed for you by that doctor. The costs will vary depending upon the deductible applied to the policy, as well as on the limit of your out-of-pocket expenses, but over all, this form of plan is normally the most expensive form of health insurance you can buy. Its main advantage lies in the freedom which it gives you to choose when and where you want to be treated and who you want to carry out that treatment.


The Individual Managed Plan


Individual managed plans by contrast, such as HMOs, are more cost effective but any cost savings are derived at the expense of your freedom of choice. You will have to seek treatment from an approved list of doctors and, if you want to have any form of specialist treatment, this will have to be carried out on referral by an HMO approved doctor. If your health care consists principally of annual checkups and the occasional cold or sore throat then this plan could work for you. It will also cover such things as emergencies, but there are a few more hoops to jump through than there are with an indemnity health insurance plan.


The Family Health Care Plan


Individual And Family Affordable Health Insurance PlansFamily health care plans, as the name suggests, are designed for families and since they will be covering more from one individual the cost is clearly going to be higher. In fact, not surprisingly, the larger the family the higher the cost.

Just as in the case of indemnity plans for individuals, there are also indemnity plans for families which offer the same freedoms as individual plans. This can be a real bonus when dealing with several family members in many cases.

Individual family health care plans can also be purchased as a managed health care package and these are very much the same as individual managed care plans. The cost would naturally be higher than an individual plan, but not as high as a family indemnity plan.

Whether you are seeking an individual health insurance plan or a family health insurance plan your first port of call if you are employed should be your employer. Many companies provide group health insurance schemes for their employees and the majority of these plans will also allow for the coverage of immediate family members. Both the employer and employee contribute to the cost of a company group plan and this can certainly bring down costs considerably.

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