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Expatriate Health Insurance – US

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You Need Medical Insurance Wherever You are in the World


Expatriate health insurance plans are certainly something which you should take a close look at before you move overseas. There are many thousands of people who travel overseas each year on vacation and find themselves falling in love with their destination and deciding to move there. This is something which occurs every day and you have to remember that your need for medical insurance is not going to change no matter where you are in the world.

Globe, Stethoscope and Expatriate Health InsuranceYou are still going to face all the same accident risks abroad that you face here at home but you may well encounter a very different set of issues when it comes to the cost of your own medical care and that of your family. Above all else, one of the things that you certainly do not want is to be caught in limbo.

For example, let�€™s say that you are working overseas and that while driving to your office you are involved in a car accident and sustain some minor injuries. You then attend the local hospital for treatment and, once the hospital has finished sorting out your injuries, they present you with their bill. How are you going to pay?


Expats May Not Be Eligible for Free Treatment


If you live overseas and retain your US citizenship you will almost certainly not be eligible for free treatment, assuming that the country in question has a free health care system. There is of course your health insurance plan from back home but, unless you�€™ve been away from home for only a short period of time and can claim this expense as being vacation cover, it is likely that this plan will not cover you. At the end of the day you will simply have to pay for your treatment in cash and hope that you have enough money.


Health Insurance for Expats


A better option is to obtain medical insurance which is specifically designed for expats like yourself before you leave home. There are numerous expat health insurance plans available to cover you for just about any situation imaginable and, by looking into these before you set off, you will give yourself considerable peace of mind.

If you are working for a US based company then they may well have a medical insurance plan available to cover you and your family while you are working and living overseas. This is certainly something that should explore as many companies will cover some or all of the medical costs of their employees working overseas.


Seek the Help of an Expat Medical Insurance Broker


If your company does not provide the cover you require, or the question of provision by an employer simply does not arise, then you can do a search on the internet for an expatriates insurance policy and you will find a host of information from a wide variety of companies and expatriate medical insurance broker who will be more than happy to assist in providing a suitable medical insurance policy.


Shopping for an Expat Health Insurance Online


If you do shop for an expat health insurance quote online be sure to read through the details of any plan carefully and make sure that you know exactly what is covered and, most importantly, what is not covered. You certainly do not want to arrive overseas and then discover when you come to make your first claim that the plan you have purchased does not cover you for your claim.

Finally, start your search for an expatriate health insurance plan as soon as you know when and where you will be going so that you can get the best possible deal.

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